industrial design

I am an industrial designer and design consultant living and working in France.

I established my design studio in Nantes, on the French Atlantic coast, where we take on assignments for international companies.

The studio work encompasses a wide range of projects with an affinity for homeware and tableware.

We design with an intention

Creating products to be enjoyed not consumed

We design honest, beautiful, functional and emotional products that will bring happiness to use; make life easier; help create unforgettable moments with loved one or just brighten the day by their presence. We want our products to find a long lasting place in people’s life.

We drive Research and Design with a user centered approach. We believe involving the end user is essential to nurture innovation and creates new meaningful solutions.

An experience with a wide range of materials and production techniques combined with our sense of aesthetic allow us to develop strong product identity. We also have an ability to challenge clients and companies while adapting to their know-how and production capabilities.

We accompany our clients

We are here to help and guide

“Define the real goals and deploy the necessary means to find suitable solutions to achieve them” this is our definition of a design consultant.

Our expertise resides in creating conversation with our clients that will lead to a better understanding and creates synergies to develop the product, service or strategy your company really need.

Working together

Clients as cooperative partners

We seek long term collaboration based on respect, trust and a mutual will to make things happen. We consider our clients as collaborators and each project as the fruit of a common effort. We believe in teamwork and honest exchange to “build” a project and bring it to the next level.

Each client being one of a kind, we adapt our process and methodology to your size and needs with respect to the in-house teams and specificities. Our experience over the years had us work on industrial, mass market as well as small series products.

Meeting people creates opportunity so why not start by knowing each other?


In France and abroad

I was born in 1979, Nantes, France.

I studied industrial design at l’École de Design Nantes Atlantique where i graduated in 2003.

I completed my studies with a semester at the Faculty of Art and Design of the University of Lapland, Rovaniemi, Finland and an internship at SowdenDesign in Milan, Italy.

A start in Milan

Professional career in Italy

I grew professionally in Milan alongside British designer George J. Sowden, first developing numerous products for international clients such as Tefal, Pyrex, Alstom, Pamar, Lorenz, Smith Hsu.

And later as a key consultant in the development of the homeware brand SOWDEN.

I also participated to the birth and development of INDUSTREAL as a designer and consultant.

Beyond design

Expanding experience

I stepped into entrepreneurship with SEKFORD, a watch brand co-founded together with Kuchar Swara and Cédric Bellon.

This project offered me the opportunity to experience global design and implement it on the whole company’s ecosystem through products, graphics, communication, brand identity, product identity and strategy. It also gave me a practical awareness for various companies’ problematics beyond design.

My design office

Returning experience

I established my design office with the intention to make clients or partners beneficiate of this experience build over the years. Each new collaboration is an opportunity to keep developing my design state of mind; my skills; my personality; my sensibility and in general my view of the world.

I am also involved in diffusing the design culture by conducting workshop to experience user centered design or by being a lecturer at l’Ecole de Design Nantes Atlantique.