"Porcelain vase"


Decorative porcelain bottle for Industreal Milano


 - 2008

Déjà-Vu is a rare and collectible conceptual piece of porcelain edited by Industreal.

The piece was originally created for the “Dream” exhibition, organized by Industreal for the Milan Furniture Fair 2005. Industreal was at this time a thriving collective of young designers playing with and displaying the capabilities of emerging 3D printing technology. Realized for this occasion in rapid prototyping the concept revolves around the idea that a dream decomposes and recomposes; divides and reconstructs; transforms and distorts pieces of reality.

The result is a curious object with a déjà-vu flavour to it. An object that looks like a bottle but is not a bottle. An object at the same time familiar and unknown.

Following the exhibition it was decided to produce it in porcelain. Also it is sold as a vase, i like to think about it as some kind of “porcelain pet”. It doesn’t really have a purpose but it is nice to have around as a conversation piece.

Edited by Industreal in2008 in fine white porcelain.

Photo : Claudia Castaldi

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