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// Workshop // Pasta 2.0

Create a sensorial culinary experience

l'Ecole de Design

 - 2021

For this second edition of the Pasta Workshop, we asked the students of the Food Design Lab to create a range of pasta offering a sensorial culinary experience.

Faithful to our “hands on” approach, we consider Pasta like play dough. It therefore constitute the perfect material for fast and productive experimentation or as designers refer to: “quick and dirty”.
Students first discovered the Pasta material through traditional gesture and techniques. Then they derived into various experimentation of shapes and textures using anything at hand to question, work and shape the dough within the trail of sensoriality and tactile curiosity.

A cup of enthusiasm mixed with dedication, a dash of creativity and the whole drizzled with fun is all you need for a new take on how to experience Pasta.

The following ranges with four distinctive universes developed from these lengthy trials :

“Flat, pasta revisited” a voyage into PastArt by Andréane CADIEU, Emma CHIRON, Rafaelle COHEN, Loulia ENLART and Marie GUILBAUD.

“Marsta, the palace of pasta” an ocean themed pasta range by Myriam GIRARD, Victor MONROGER, Chloé PATRIGEON, Wenyue XUE and Zi’an WAN

“Buongustaia” a pasta parade taking inspiration of the fashion world by Héloise MARIANI, Cloé ROULLIER, Bérénice GIRAUD et Léo TISSIER

“Dueco, all tongues are different”, an alphabet of textures to tell the Pasta tale by Carla ISAIA, Shengnan CHANG, Felix LANDRON, Mickaël MAYOU and Maxime PARONNEAU.

Conducted by Pierre Foulonneau and Elise HUNEAU

Thanks to Elise Auger and Julia Kunkel for the help in prepping this workshop.

Photos : Jean-Charles Queffélec

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