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two days at the glass factory with the design students

l'Ecole de Design

 - 2021

A little overview of the two days spent at ARCAM GLASS realizing our projects with glass makers Simon, Thomas & Anaïs.

After designing, refining and preparing our projects, we finally entered the glass factory. We took a dive in the reality of a glass factory through a “hands on” moment. An opportunity to confront our ideas and design with the reality of the glass material and the challenges of its process. Trial, error and “on the spot” decision making in search of the best result.

The first day was the “hot” job. In other words : blowing; molding; shaping; sculpting in the heat of the furnace.

The second day we discovered the projects after a night cooling in the kiln. We then went on with the “cool” (and wet) job : the finishes. It consisted in operation such as cutting; grinding; machining; sanding and polishing to refine and give the final shine to our objects.

We then presented the result of our journey with a small exhibition.

Photos by the students
Additional photos and video by Jean-Charles Queffélec

A big thank you to ARCAM GLASS for these two wonderful days of hard work and conviviality in the factory.

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