"What is a french pasta ?"

// Workshop // French Pasta

Workshop with the Food Design Lab

l'Ecole de Design

 - 2020

With an increasing presence within our eating habits, pasta remain an “exotic” dish, mainly associated with Italian or asian cuisine. Thus, what would a French pasta look like ?

A group of students of the Food Design Lab realized a creative sprint to design a pasta with a french identity. A week to create a “concept pasta” complete with its whole story telling, product identity and packaging up to a small test batch and samples testing.

We first researched what defines our eating identity, our soil and what makes France. The week then unfolded with an uninhibited creativity, fun and a “hands on” approach to the pasta material. Each team finding a different angle to answer the topic.

Five projects emerged from this workshop :

Léa Jottreau invites us to travel with a pasta conceived like a postcard reflecting the diversity of the French landscape.
Pauline Motel, Capucine Laude et Agathe Lasfargues with “Antoinette” bring to our plates a touch of haute coutûre.
Léa Picot et Alicia Martins propose a sensory experience with their pasta “Libertine”.
Françoise Félix with the “Rasini” revisit the gesture of mopping up you plate with a piece of bread.
And finally Fanny Chotel plays the snacking card with a pasta to share around a drink.

Organised by Aude Chaigneau
Conducted by Pierre Foulonneau and Elise HUNEAU
Photos : Jean-Charles Queffélec
Collage illustration : Brest Brest Brest

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