"Timeless aesthetic"

Sekford Watches Brand Identity

British brand of swiss made watches


 - 2015

Sekford was founded in 2015 with a singular vision: utilise time-honoured craftsmanship to create beautifully elegant and accessible luxury dress-watches that are guided by classic British horological principles.

Sekford is the winner of the “Best Newcomer” EVE’s Watch award 2017.

The name of the company references Sekforde Street in Clerkenwell, London, an area that was once one of the world’s most important watch-making hubs. Our first watch was directly inspired by the long tradition of British watchmaking; characterised by its bespoke font work and clarity of white space it became the bedrock of Sekford’s founding principles: Beauty; Quality; Longevity.

With backgrounds in graphic, product and watch design, Sekford’s founders drew on an extensive aesthetic and material understanding in the watch’s conception while inviting master craftsmen and leading manufacturers to bring their expertise to the project.

Details such as the bespoke numerals on the dial, produced by Paul Barnes of Commercial Type, and the Sekford fox icon, an English Gothic Revival wood engraving by MarkWilkinson, supplement the Type 1A’s combination of British and international traditions of watchmaking and design to form, in the words of horology expert Robin Swithinbank, “a piece of considered design”.

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