"Italian kitchen icon"

Oskar cheese grater

Italian stainless steel parmigiano cheese grater


 - 2012

Italian kitchen don’t go without a cheese grater, essential utensil to dispose of the delicious parmesan cheese.

In line with the aesthetic and material choices of the Sowden houseware collection, the cheese grater is made of a ceramic body fitted with a stainless steel grid.

It is designed to fit nicely in your hand in a natural and confortable position to grate cheese. Once grated, the parmesan can be spread over your pasta just by gently shaking the utensil. Easy to disassemble and clean wen done.

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The development of the Sowden brand, the iconic SoftBrew™ filter and all the products of the founding ranges is the fruit of a long term and trusted collaboration with George J Sowden. During this time I developed and perfected my design and product development skills working on products such as : the SoftBrew™ Coffee Maker; the SoftBrew™ Tea; small electrical appliances; the Nathalie Stovetop cookware and Ovenware; the Oskar cheese grater and the Pensrose tea set amongst others.

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