"Luxury by nature"

Leaf vases medium

Brass and crystal vases inspired by brazilian luxurious nature


 - 2020

The “Leaf” vases are a family of crystal vases, each one of them holding a metal leaf shaped part. My intention with the “Leaf” collection was to create objects that captures and mimic nature. The metal leaves give the object an unalterable natural presence, even when empty. Seated in their transparent pedestals, the leaves play with light and reflections as they change along the day, bringing life into a poetic “still life” composition. And, during flower season, the leaves will act as a receptacle for greeting and showcasing fresh flowers.

These products, by their design, pay an homage to both Riva’s craftsmanship and the luxurious nature of Brazil.

The Leaf collection includes a tall vase, a medium vase, a small vase and a set of three candle holders.

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