"Optimal functionality"

Goodies storage Jars

airtight glass kitchen canisters RigTig by Stelton

Rig Tig

 - 2016

Have optimal functionality for kitchen storage in timeless design with the GOODIES storage jars . Suitable for storing pasta, flour, grain and other consumables the jars have airtight lids free of BPA and phthalates. Decorative on display or left in cupboard, the three different sizes of GOODIES storage jars make your dry foods accessible.

The idea came from the rising environmental responsibility and “zero waste” trends and a tendency to a return to homemade dishes.

I wanted a simple, functional and elegant product with a timeless aesthetic. I chose durable material such as glass and ceramic and reduced the use of plastic as much as possible. The curved edges of the glass give access to get hold of the lid and create a strong aesthetic signature.

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