"A matter of taste"

Sowden Houseware Collection

Porcelain crokery cookware ovenware tableware


 - 2012

SOWDEN is the signature brand from Milan based designer George Sowden. He is using his experience, of more than three decades in this market, to develop a collection that meets a growing demand for new products which embody a contemporary idea of functionality.

SOWDEN is interested in that particular moment at home which brings together family and friends through the shared daily activities of cooking, eating and drinking.

Products can be found at Sowdenathome.com

The development of the Sowden brand, the iconic SoftBrew™ filter and all the products of the founding ranges is the fruit of a long term and trusted collaboration with George J Sowden. During this time I developed and perfected my design and product development skills working on products such as : the SoftBrew™ Coffee Maker; the SoftBrew™ Tea; small electrical appliances; the Nathalie Stovetop cookware and Ovenware; the Oskar cheese grater and the Pensrose tea set amongst others.

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