"Coffee made easy"

Softbrew™ Coffe maker

Sowden SoftBrew™ coffee micro-perforated patented filter


 - 2012

SoftBrew™ Coffee – The revolutionary coffee maker

SoftBrew™ is a totally new coffee making method invented for the most direct and unadulterated experience of the flavor of your freshly roasted coffee beans.

SoftBrew™ is based on the simple infusion method called cupping used by all professional tasters to evaluate the quality and price of theworld’s finest coffees.

At the centre of the SoftBrew™ porcelain pot is an oversized stainless steel microetched filter where you place the desired amount of ground coffee and over which you pour the water, creating a ‘bloom’ as the coffee releases its fragrance and flavours, and is left to steep for about 4 minutes.

The filter of the SoftBrew™ is its technological heart, with up to 160 000 holes it is fine enough to block all grounds larger than 150microns. Practically speaking this means that unlike all other coffee making methods currently available on the market, you are free to use any type of grind you like.

Products can be found at Sowdenathome.com and a new generation of SoftBrew™ coffee makers is now distributed by HAY.dk

The development of the Sowden brand, the iconic SoftBrew™ filter and all the products of the founding ranges is the fruit of a long term and trusted collaboration with George J Sowden. During this time I developed and perfected my design and product development skills working on products such as : the SoftBrew™ Coffee Maker; the SoftBrew™ Tea; small electrical appliances; the Nathalie Stovetop cookware and Ovenware; the Oskar cheese grater and the Pensrose tea set amongst others.

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