"Design a cocktail glass"

// Workshop // Blown Glass

Workshop with the Food Design Lab

l'Ecole de Design

 - 2021

This workshop was conceived as an initiatory journey into artisanal blown glass techniques through the prism of creating a glass for a specific drink.

After a short introduction to artisanal glass making techniques, each student chose a drink. First we listed emotions, feelings, flavours, colours, textures. Subsequently, using our understanding of the glass material we translated ideas into shapes and layed out some design for the glasses. And finally, we discussed with Simon Muller -the glassmaker- to refine our designs and ensure feasibility. Sketches, mock ups and mood boards were then prepared in order to communicate and explain our design intentions in the glass factory.

The apex of the workshop was certainly the two days of immersion in the glass factory, guiding the glass makers and experiencing with an “hands on” approach to the material.

We wrapped up the week by throwing a little recollection exhibition. Each students displayed their journey from the first sketch to the finished piece.

Students & projets in order of appearance:

  • Marie Bal-Fontaine created glass bells to capture the “spirit” of Distilled Gin.
  • Marine Bigot designed a crystal like Gin Tonic glass with an icy/spicy/pointy geometry.
  • Emma Brossaud came up with a glass frame that suggest the curves of a rising sun. A new way of sipping Tequila Sunrise.
  • Raphaëlle Caroff revisited the classic Moscow Mule tumbler with a colourful glass interpretation.
  • Françoise Félix casted an orange skin texture glass to enjoy Spritz.
  • Marianne Guillot chose Mead a drink traditionally consumed to celebrate the honey moon. A moon croissant is visible in the thick bottom and the honey is suggested by the colour and the honey comb pattern grinded on the side.
  • Manon Leverrier conceived a robust and curvy stem glass to enjoy Piña Colada with a dash of colour.
  • Lucie Marécaille enjoy her Mojito in a vintage brown colour glass that compliment the green colour of mint leaves and lime. The glass bears a twisting pattern which curves guides the droplets of condensation.

Glass maker : ARCAM GLASS

Thanks to Julia Kunkel, Aude Chaigneau & Emeraude Caillard of the Food Design Lab for the opportunity to conduct this workshop.

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